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You have created some amazing products. You’ve done your research and found a product photographer that can bring your vision to life. You have some amazing product photos…what do you do with them? That’s easy. Here are 3 ways to use your product photos. 1. Use your product photos on social media I know this […]

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3 Ways to Use Your Product Photos

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Personal branding has become a buzzword that is often accompanied by mentions of headshots and photo sessions. What exactly is personal branding though and how does it relate to photoshoots? Are headshots and personal branding one and the same? Let’s look at the specifics. Personal branding is the process of marketing yourself as a brand. […]

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Personal Branding vs. Headshots – Is There a Difference?

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Building a personal brand is essential if you want to make a statement, especially online. If you nurture it, a personal brand will produce continuous returns. If you are just getting started, you already know how much information is available about building and growing a personal brand. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of contradictory […]

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A Look at 4 of the Most Common Myths about Personal Branding

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Personal branding photos are a visual celebration of your business and the person behind it – you. It is your very own unique selling proposition (USP) – a USP that nobody can replicate. It takes us a few seconds to form an opinion about something or someone, and we use visuals to do it, which […]

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Advice for Making the Most of Your Personal Branding Photo Session

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