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So I had the pleasure of heading to North Park to do a photography session with local model, Alexander Simone. I actually met Alexander through Instagram. We ended up meeting on Sunday hence the Sunday Funday title lol. I’ve shot in the North Park neighborhood a few times so when I went this time, we […]


May 6, 2021

Sunday Funday

San Diego Portrait Photographer
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So I had the privilege of photographing this amazing family back in February. When I tell you this family came ready to slay…bay-bay…READY TO SLAY. The mom actually found me on Google (yay SEO seems to be working lol). We communicated back and forth and she told me of her awesome vision. She wanted to […]


April 8, 2021

All White Everything

San Diego Portrait Photographer - Family
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Who’s ready for a luxury maternity experience? I am so excited to now offer a luxury maternity experience to my clients. I know you’re probably thinking, awesome…a luxury maternity experience…what exactly does that mean? I’m so glad you asked lol. So on top of my normal fantastic service (yes, I’m tooting my own horn a […]

Maternity, Portraits

March 11, 2021

Luxury Maternity Experience

San Diego Maternity Photographer
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Happy first Thursday in March! We are finally starting to leave winter and slowly start heading into spring. In order to get ready for spring, I want to talk about how I plan to attack my spring cleaning for my business. I think spring cleaning for business is so important because it helps me stay […]


March 4, 2021

Spring Cleaning for my Photography Business

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What is a day in the life of Black Queen Photography you may ask? In a previous blog post, I wrote about how I balanced my 9-to-5, my small business, and family. So I wanted to share with y’all how a day in my life goes down during the week. So there you have it. […]


February 25, 2021

Day in the Life of Black Queen Photography

Black Queen Photography
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So I had some fun this past weekend and did a thrift shop/retro photo shoot with Dacara ( This was a fun little photoshoot that I’ve had in mind for awhile. I met Dacara through Instagram and I absolutely loved her style. We decided to go to a local Goodwill for find the outfits. I […]

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February 20, 2021

Thrift Shop Retro Photo Shoot

San Diego Portrait Photographer - Black Queen Photography
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I often have a lot people ask me how do I stay motivated with a 9-to-5, small business, and family. Let me tell you, it is not an easy thing to do and I don’t always do it perfectly lol. That being said, I wanted to share some things I do to keep myself motivated […]

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February 18, 2021

How Do I Stay Motivated with a 9-to-5, Small Business, and Family?

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What do I love about photography? Actually, that’s a good question. There are a few different things I love about photography. I love the way people feel when they see themselves looking awesome in their photos. I don’t think people realize just how awesome they are sometimes until they see themselves through the lens of […]


February 17, 2021

What I Love About Photography

San Diego Portrait Photographer - Black Queen Photography
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Hey guys! It’s Tcha (pronounced Shay) of Black Queen Photography. I just wanted to do a quick post where I share three fun facts about Black Queen Photography. The name Black Queen Photography has a double meaning. So I choose the name Black Queen Photography for two reasons. One is well obvious…I’m Black and I’m […]

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February 4, 2021

Three Fun Facts About Black Queen Photography

Black Queen Photography Stamp
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You may be wondering why you should book a maternity session. As you’re preparing for your new little one, you probably have a to-do list that’s a mile long! From getting the nursery ready to packing your hopsital bag, there’s just so much to do. You may think that maternity photos are just another item […]

Maternity, Portraits

February 1, 2021

Why You Should Book a Maternity Session

San Diego Maternity Photographer
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